Log4Shell Security Vulnerability (Dec 15, 2021)

A global cybersecurity vulnerability has been recently identified, known as Log4Shell


This vulnerability has exposed some of the world's most popular applications and services to attack, and is widely considered one of the most pervasive and critical cybersecurity flaws discovered in recent years. The issue comes from an open-source logging library, called Log4j, that is used by many applications in enterprise and government agencies. 

In response to this cybersecurity vulnerability, Assent has done a thorough investigation into our product and our processes. Here are those results:

  1. We have confirmed that the Assent product is not vulnerable to this threat. 
  2. We have taken proactive measures and deployed new Intrusion Prevention Rules specific to this vulnerability.
  3. We have introduced new monitoring activities on our systems, to ensure that this vulnerability does not get introduced going forward.

Assent is committed to high cybersecurity standards, and we will continue to ensure that our product is safe and secure.

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