Supplier Portal - 3 Step Simple Instruction <Product Compliance>

Complete your compliance data request in three simple steps

Once you receive a compliance request from one of your clients, you can access your Supplier Portal by clicking the Portal Link in the email, and follow these three simple steps to complete your data request:

1. Click Start next to the open data request, and click Get Started. You can download the product and/or substance list that your client requires data for at this step.


2. Check all the products from the list that you want to declare. If you want to bulk declare products, they must contain the same substance or article information or contain no substances above thresholds. When done, click Declare for Selected.


3. Review your product information and select the correct statements from the options provided. Click Upload to submit required supporting documents. You can download the templates linked below my signature to easily create declarations:

Screen_Shot_3.pngThanks for your cooperation. If you need more help with any of these steps, check out these useful resources:

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