SCIP Public Portal: Searching for Information

How do I search for data in the SCIP public portal? What can I search for?

Remember that not all information submitted to the Substances of Concern in articles as such or in complex articles (Products) (SCIP) database will be available via the SCIP dissemination portal (SCIP public portal). 

To begin a search, click on the search icon (magnifying glass) on the right side of the SCIP public portal page. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has informational resources on using the portal, including:

There is also a "Help" section available on the SCIP public portal page, accessible via the question mark icon on the right side of the page above the article list:


Users can search using a number of data types, including:

  • Article identity (name, brand, EAN/GPC/ISBN, SCIP number, etc.).
  • Article category (EU TARIC Code).
  • Material & Mixture category (specific material/mixture categories selected from list).
  • Substance of concern.
  • Concern/Reason for inclusion (select from list).

See also: SCIP Public Portal: Available Information.


Article is current as of 2021-09-24.

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