SCIP Public Portal Troubleshooting: Searching by SCIP Number

I have the SCIP number for a certain part, but I can't find it in the SCIP public portal. Why not?

The Substances of Concern in articles as such or in complex articles (Products) (SCIP) dissemination portal, also called the SCIP public portal, makes some SCIP information available to the public. However, certain aspects of the database and portal structure may result in unexpected search results or difficulty finding articles in the database.

One example of this is SCIP number searches. There is no direct option to search the SCIP public portal for a SCIP number (see [insert link to "How do I search?" article]). SCIP numbers may be used in the "Article Identity" field, but only to return complex objects containing articles with that SCIP number. 

For instance, if you have the SCIP number for a screw and search the portal using that SCIP number, the portal will return a list of any complex objects containing or referencing that screw as a component. However, it will not return a record for the screw itself.

See also: SCIP Public Portal: Searching for Information and SCIP Public Portal: Available Information.


This article is current as of 2021-09-24.

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