SCIP: Choosing Article Category, Material Category, and Mixture Category

Question: I am collecting information to submit to the Substances of Concern In articles as such or in complex objects (Products) (SCIP) database. However, in a few cases, I am having trouble choosing the correct article category, material category, or mixture category for a part or product. Is there somewhere I can see the full list of options for these fields in a format I can browse or search? 

Answer: Article category options are based on TARIC codes, an EU system of tariff codes. The European Commission Taxation and Customs Union provides a browsable list of TARIC codes; their Access2Markets "My Trade Assistant" tool is also helpful with TARIC code determination. You can covert an eight-digit TARIC code to a 10-digit SCIP article category by adding "-00" to the end.

A full list of material category options may be downloaded from the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) SCIP Format page; search the page for the latest "SCIP format annex — Picklists" download option. Alternatively, the official guidance document "Categories of materials in SCIP" provides a hierarchical breakdown of material category options.

Mixture categories are derived from the 2020 EU Product Categorisation System (EUPCS) version 2.0, as maintained by the ECHA Poison Centre. The full EUPCS is available for download at the ECHA Poison Centre site. There is also a guidance document available from ECHA, "The European product categorisation system: A practical guide", which includes a hierarchical breakdown of mixture category options and guidance on which category to select in cases where the correct choice is unclear.

Article current as of 2021-07-08.

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