SCIP and Article Names

Question: What should I use for my article name in the Substances of Concern In articles, as such or in complex objects (Products) (SCIP) database?

Answer: The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) defines an article name as "The name of the article or complex object as given by the duty holder. The name should be concise but descriptive of the specific article or complex object you are reporting (e.g. screw, blade, pencil sharpener, digital watch, engine, motorcycle)." 

Usually, the part or product name from the database can be used, as long as it is both descriptive and generic enough. Using a long description that contains abbreviations (e.g. "SCR, 3/16, 2-in, Brass") is generally too much detail. "Screw" would be a better article name; use the part number field to differentiate the type of screw. Other data fields for characteristics can also be used to help give further details if necessary.

Avoid using confidential business information (CBI) or unique identifiers in the article name.  Using CBI or unique identifiers can give away too much information about your product and introduce the risk of data mining. Keep the information you provide general, both at the product and part levels. You need to provide enough information to make the part identifiable to others who may be accessing the data (for example, a waste stream operator).

Article names are not difficult to define if you keep it high-level, concise, and generic. Other data fields for characteristics in the SCIP database can be used to further differentiate parts or products without giving away too much information.



Article current as of 2020-12-08.

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