China RoHS Request

What is this request about?
China RoHS stands for the China Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive and it applies to electrical and electronic products (EEPs) placed on the market in China. The directive requires identification and marking of EEPs containing 6 specific substances above an identified threshold.

With this request, your client is asking for China RoHS declarations that state whether or not your parts/products contain any of the 6 restricted substances over the threshold and the Environment-Friendly Use Period (EFUP) if applicable.

Even if your parts/products aren’t electrical or electronic, your client might still request a RoHS declaration if it is determined that they are incorporating your parts/products in a final product which is electrical or electronic, as the entire product has to be RoHS compliant.

How do I start?
In order to be able to complete this request, you will require information on the chemicals contained in your parts/products. If you do not manufacture the parts/products yourself, the information can be obtained by asking your suppliers to provide you with a China RoHS declaration, from which you can create your own.

The China RoHS declaration should be on a company letterhead with a current date and a signature of an authorised person. It should also include a clear position statement whether the parts/products you supply to your client contain or don’t contain any of the 6 substances covered by China RoHS. If the parts/products do contain any of the 6 substances, you will also be asked to provide the Environment-Friendly Use Period (EFUP).

Why is my customer asking me for this information?
Your client is asking you for this information to determine what actions (such as identification and labeling) they are required under China RoHS to do in order to place the product on the market in China. 

Additionally, if your clients end-product belongs to the 12 product types listed in the 2018 catalog (and is not specifically exempt), the client may use this information to support a conformity assessment self-declaration and/or to prepare the required database submissions. 

In summary, your client needs this information to be able to sell their parts/products on the market in China.

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