EU Biocides Request

What is this request about?
EU Biocides requires biocidal products to be approved and authorised before being placed on the EU market, and establishes processes for registration, review and authorisation. To comply with EU Biocides, your client must identify which biocidal products are used in their supply chains and ensure that only approved biocidal substances are applied to their products at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Biocidal products, or biocides, contain active substances that control the growth of, render harmless, or destroy harmful organisms (such as bacteria or mould) by chemical or biological means. Biocides protect people, animals, or inanimate objects from the harmful effects of these organisms. Biocides are often applied to common products, such as carpets, boat seat covers, or flooring. However, the active biocidal ingredients may be harmful to people or the environment. As a result, regulations exist to ensure companies only use approved biocides from approved suppliers in their products.

How do I start?
In order to be able to complete this request, you will require information on the substances contained in your parts/products. Amongst other information, your client is asking for the biocidal substance name, CAS number and the name of the biocide supplier. If you do not manufacture the parts/products yourself, the information can be obtained by requesting it from your suppliers.

Why is my customer asking me for this information?
The objective of this request is to collect information about whether EU Biocides substances are present in the parts/products that are being supplied to your client. This will allow your client to collect data on any active biocidal products in the supply chain, including information on the manufacturer, origin and specific chemical makeup of any biocides used.

Your client will use this information to demonstrate compliance with EU Biocides requirements, and also to identify any potentially necessary further actions. For instance, if your client identifies a non-approved biocide in the supply chain, they may need to decide whether to use an alternative (approved) biocidal product or to register the active substance and seek approval for use.

In summary, your client needs this information from you in order to import their parts/products into the EU and place them on the EU market and to support ongoing efforts towards responsible biocide use.

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