LSAS Request

What is this request about?
The Labour Standards Assurance System (LSAS) is a U.K. regulatory requirement designed to reduce labour standards abuses in the medical supply industry. The LSAS was developed by the UK National Health Service (NHS) Supply Chain and Department of Health, along with other industry bodies. It outlines a range of policies, procedures and practices that companies should have in place to identify and respond to labour standards issues, mitigate risks, and drive improvement throughout their operations and supply chains. 

How do I start?
Your client is asking you to complete a survey and make a declaration in your Supplier Portal along with asking for additional supporting documentation where applicable. The survey questions focus on labour types, practices and safeguards. The first section is mostly about the workforce, the second section is about policies and practices and the third and fourth sections are general labour standard questions.

If you source material for your parts/products from a supplier, you may need to survey them for the necessary information before you can complete this request from your client.

Why is my customer asking me for this information?
Your client is asking for this information to help them collect, organize and assess information necessary for their LSAS compliance. The responses you provide are scored and presented on a risk dashboard and also included in a survey response report.

In summary, your client needs this information from you in order to work as a contractor within the UK National Health Service Supply Chain.

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