REACH Authorisation List (Annex XIV) Request

What is this request about?
Substances that are on the REACH Authorisation list (Annex XIV) must meet the REACH SVHC requirements and also require additional authorisation in order to be placed on the EU market, or to use them in the EU after a specific sunset date.

Manufacturers, importers, or downstream users may apply for authorisation to use an Annex XIV substance. Applications require specific information and documentation and must be submitted at least 18 months before the substance's sunset date. Authorisation is granted if the application demonstrates that the hazards of using the substance can be mitigated. Once authorisation is granted, the requester is given an authorisation number to certify the use of the substance (as authorised) by the requester.

How do I start?
In order to be able to complete this request, you will require information on the chemicals contained in your parts/products. If you do not manufacture the parts/products yourself, the information can be obtained by requesting it from your suppliers.

A REACH Authorisation list (Annex XIV) declaration should be on a company letterhead with a current date and a signature of an authorised person. It should also include a clear position statement whether the parts/products you supply to your client contain or don’t contain any substances on this Annex XIV list. The latest list update from February 2020 that now contains 54 substances also needs to be mentioned.

Why is my customer asking me for this information?
The objective of the REACH Authorisation list is to collect information about whether Annex XIV substances are used in the production, maintenance or repair of your client’s products. This will allow your client to identify any situations where authorisation is required before a product can be placed on the EU market and to document their compliance.

In summary, your customer needs this information from you in order to import their parts/products into the EU and to place them on the EU market.

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