AD-DSL Request

What is this request about?
The Aerospace and Defense Declarable Substances List (AD-DSL) is the standard list used for substance declarations in the aerospace and defense industry. It was created by the International Aerospace Environmental Group (IAEG), an international trade association of major aerospace companies.

The AD-DSL lists approximately 1,200 substances that are restricted or controlled by a variety of regulations and industry requirements. It is used to report on substances throughout the entire supply chain, including chemicals contained within or used to create products, and those required during products' operation or maintenance. 

How do I start?
The best way to provide the requested information is to create and submit an IPC-1754 XML document. IPC-1754 is an industry standard XML data file format, designed to simplify and standardize the data exchange process in the aerospace and defense industry (and other industries). IPC-1754 makes it easier for companies to import, store, and export substance information.

The Assent Materials Declaration Tool (as well as other free tools) are available to generate IPC-1754 XML declarations.

You can also use the Aerospace and Defence Substance Reporting Tool (AD-SRT) to capture the same data as with an IPC-1754 XML. The AD-SRT is an enhanced Excel template and is specifically focused on the AD-DSL query list. Because the AD-SRT is an offline tool, AD-SRT declarations can’t be automatically shared with other companies' data systems which is why if you submit the AD-SRT through the Assent Supplier Portal, the file is automatically converted into the IPC-1754 XML format.

Why is my customer asking me for this information?
The aerospace and defense industry faces an especially challenging compliance situation. Some key factors include:

  • Unusually complicated, layered, and frequently international supply chains
  • An expanding field of applicable regulations affecting different locations
  • Exceptionally complex products, components, and processes
  • National and international security and confidentiality standards
  • International trade considerations
  • Strict quality and safety considerations

Your client will use the provided information from you to collect supplier information about substances on the AD-DSL list. This information will let your client evaluate their compliance status for applicable regulations and determine necessary next steps.

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