TCO: Obtaining Country of Origin Data for Component Parts

Question: Could I use Assent's Trade Classification & Origin solution to get the country of origin for internal components of an electronic part? For instance, if we have an integrated circuit that was packaged in one country, but the die for that component was made in a different country, could we use your platform to find the country of origin of the die?

Answer: Yes, as long as two conditions are met:

  1. A supplier has been identified for each subcomponent (whose country of origin is in question).
  2. There is a SKU (manufacturer part number or other identifier recognizable by the supplier) in the bill of materials.

Assent's Trade Classification & Origin solution has a robust capability for tracing requirements and reaching out to upstream entities based on a part's chain of custody. Consider an example where a contractor applies solder to a printed circuit board while working under a build-to-spec agreement allowing them to choose the solder type. Such an arrangement means the contractor is responsible for providing the required regulatory data for the solder material they choose, but the process of requesting and obtaining the information may be difficult for the customer.

This article is current as of 2020-07-08.

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