Entering Substance & Article Information in the Substances Table

Depending on the needs of your customer, you may be required to entered some or all of the following information in the "Substances" table of a manual DSL declaration. 

Substance Name

Use the substance name field to search for the substance you want to declare against.

CAS Number

The Chemical Abstract Service number, unique to one Substance. A CAS Registry Number includes up to 10 digits which are separated into 3 groups by hyphens. The first part of the number, starting from the left, has 2 to 7 digits; the second part has 2 digits. The final part consists of a single check digit. It is possible to have no CAS number, which means the substance is not found in any of the Chemical Abstract Service databases

EC Number

The European Community number (EC number) is a unique seven-digit identifier that was assigned to substances for regulatory purposes within the European Union by the European Commission.

Nominal Concentration

The nominal concentration is the value of mass when a single estimate value is provided.

Substance Status 

The substance's status reflects the relationship between the reported concentration of the substance against the regulation's defined threshold.

Where is the substance found?

Describe where in the product or article the substance is found

In Product

This substance is contained in the composition of the product in its final state (i.e. completed all manufacturing stages and ready for delivery/sale)

In Process

The product relies on this substance in the manufacturing process, but this substance is not present in the finished article.

Article Name

Main name assigned to the article as such or the complex object

Other Name

E.g. Brand; Model; Type For articles as such or complex objects placed on the market for consumers, other names such as the brand, model, type should be provided, whenever possible, in addition to the “Article name” provided in that field, in order to allow consumers to identify unequivocally the article as such or the complex object for which information is being submitted.

Article Category

Identification of the article as such or the complex object from a harmonised list (with codes and description) which cannot be achieved by the article name(s) assigned, until a certain level of granularity, based on function/use. The integrated Tariff of the European Union – TARIC - list, based on the Combined Nomenclature (CN) description and code (the relevant descriptions and codes must be selected).

Production in European Union

Is the article produced or assembled in the EU? (Yes; no; unwilling to disclose)

Primary Article Identifier

Numerical or alphanumerical identifier assigned to the article as such or the complex object and identification of its type (Examples: European Article Number (EAN); Global Trade Item Number (GTIN); Universal Product Code (GPC); Catalogue number; ECHA Article ID, part number.)

Other Article Identifier

Other numerical or alphanumerical identifier and identification of its type. Same type options as for Primary Article Identifier: e.g. European Article Number (EAN); Global Trade Item Number (GTIN); Universal Product Code (GPC); Catalogue number; ECHA Article ID; part number.

Characteristic Type

Article or complex object’s characteristic(s) that may help to distinguish the reported article or complex object from similar articles or complex objects.

Safe Use Instructions

Information on safe use of the product, including the possibility to state that there is “No need to provide safe use information beyond the identification of the Candidate List substance”.

Dissembling Instructions

Disassembling instructions document (e.g. pdf format).

Material Category

Identify the material of the article that contains the Candidate List substance. 

Additional Material Category

If the Material Category is provided, the Additional Material Category must also be provided.

Mixture Category (EUPSC)

Identify the mixture category from the European Product Categorisation System (EuPCS) that contains the Candidate List substance.

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