Conformant Smelters Designated "Non Legitimate"

In some cases, a smelter may be "Non-Legitimate" even if their RMI Audit Status is "Conformant". This may seem confusing or alarming, but the cause is not unusual or problematic.

"Non-Legitimate" simply means that a smelter or refiner is not operational (on a temporary or permanent basis), or otherwise does not meet the definition of a functioning smelter/refiner. This can happen for a number of reasons.

For instance, it's common for tin smelters to close temporarily due to changes in the local metals trade industry. After this temporary closure, some smelters go out of business while others become operational again. Because these closures are temporary, the RMI does not change their former Audit Statuses (“Conformant” in some cases) until a definitive operational state can be established. So a smelter could be non-operational (and thus have a "Non Legitimate" status) even if its Audit Status is still “Conformant” under the RMI; Audit Statuses alone do not reflect the actual operational state of a smelter.

Content is current as of 2020-04-24.

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