Making a Submission: EU Waste Framework Directive (SCIP) Request

If you have already completed a declaration for the EU REACH SVHC module with SVHCs above threshold, your customer may request you now provide additional article and substance information in an EU Waste Framework Directive request.

Making an EU Waste Framework Directive Declaration 

  1. On the Supplier Portal landing page, find the EU Waste Framework Directive request and click Start.

  2. On the main module page, review all the previously-declared products that contain substances above threshold you are required to complete:


    Bulk Declaration: If you declare in bulk by selecting more than one product, you can only declare for products that were part of the same submission (check Declaration ID column and ensure this number matches). 

  3. Select the desired product and click Declare for Selected.

    Missing Article Information: If you select a product that is missing information such as Article Name, click the Continue to EU REACH SVHC Submission button to complete the required information in the previous declaration workflow. Once you have provided the Article Name, you can proceed back to the EU Waste Framework Directive declaration:


  4. On the next page, review the Product Details you selected from the previous page.

  5. Under the Article and Substance Information section, select Click to Edit to open the sidebar menu:


  6. In the Article Identifiers and Categorization section, use the menu to Select Existing Article

  7. Enter all required Article information, including: Article Name, Primary Article ID, Article Category Group:


  8. Answer whether the Article is produced in the European Union using the radio buttons:

  9. Enter any relevant Safe Use Instructions, using the checkbox or the free text field.

  10. Click Save

  11. Next, click the declared substance to expand the sidebar:


  12. Outstanding information is marked with a red warning icon. 

  13. Under the Material or Mixture Category section, select Click to Edit:


  14. Select Material Category or Mixture Category

  15. If providing Material Category, also select the Additional Material Category from the menu:


  16. Click Save

  17. Once all required information has been updated, click Submit

  18. When you return to the main module page, click Done to complete your declaration. 
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