Making a Submission: EU REACH SVHC & EU Waste Framework Directive (SCIP) Request (Simple Articles)

If you are completing an EU REACH SVHC request for your customer and you declare SVHCs above threshold and complete your submission, your customer may require additional information for the EU Waste Framework Directive (SCIP) module.

You can seamlessly continue your declaration from EU REACH SVHC to the EU Waste Framework Directive in the following workflow. 

Please Note: This workflow is specifically for declaring a simple article. Find a declaration for a complex article [here]. 

Making an EU REACH SVHC & EU Waste Framework Directive Declaration for a Simple Article

  1. Complete a standard EU REACH SVHC declaration until you reach the Review section.

    Click [here] for a full guide on declaring for EU REACH SVHC. 

  2. Once you have provided all the required information, click Submit.

  3. On the window that opens, click Continue to go to the EU Waste Framework declaration page:


  4. If you do not wish to complete this workflow at this time, they can click Return to Product List and complete their EU Waste Framework Directive declaration at a later date.

  5. Once you navigate to the EU Waste Framework Directive submission, review the information they previously declared for EU REACH SVHC. 

  6. Under the Article and Substance Information section, select Click to Edit to open the sidebar menu:


  7. In the Article Identifiers and Categorization section, use the menu to Select Existing Article.

  8. Enter all required Article information, including: Article Name, Primary Article ID, Article Category Group:


  9. Answer whether the Article is produced in the European Union using the radio buttons. 

  10. Enter any relevant Safe Use Instructions, using the checkbox or the free text field.

  11. Click Save

  12. Next, click the declared substance to expand the sidebar:


  13. Outstanding information is marked with a red warning icon. 

  14. Under the Material or Mixture Category section, select Click to Edit:


  15. Select Material Category or Mixture Category

  16. If providing Material Category, also select the Additional Material Category from the menu:


  17. Click Save

  18. Once all required information has been updated, click Submit

  19. When you return to the main module page, click Done to complete your declaration. 

Making an EU REACH SVHC & EU Waste Framework Directive Declaration - Training Video


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