REACH SVHC (Candidate) vs. Annex XVII (Restricted) Lists

Question: If a substance is on the REACH Restricted Substances List (Annex XVII), does that mean it is also automatically on the Candidate List of SVHCs?

Answer: Not necessarily. The Candidate List of SVHCs and the Restricted Substances List are two different stages in the control process, and a substance may be on either without currently being listed on the other. For an example of how this can happen, let’s look at lead and asbestos.

Lead use in jewelry has been banned, per Annex XVII, since April 2015. However, lead used in non-jewelry applications was only recently added to the Candidate List of SVHCs; up until that point, lead was unrestricted under REACH unless used in jewelry.

Asbestos, on the other hand, is restricted regardless of its usage. Asbestos is not on the Candidate List of SVHCs because that is technically a list of substances that are candidates for restriction—and asbestos is not a candidate, since it is already restricted.


Content is current as of 2020-01-24

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