Making a Submission: IPC-1752A Class D Full Material Disclosure

A Full Material Disclosure (FMD) is useful for your customer to assess any material compliance risks against applicable regulations or declarable substance lists and potentially reduce the number of compliance requests made to suppliers.

IPC-1752A is a common industry standard used for the exchange of data between systems. It has established a common reporting format for material declaration data exchange between supply chains and supports bulk materials, components, printed circuit boards, sub-assemblies, and final products. The current standard for the IPC-1752A form is XML format.

A Class D IPC-1752A FMD declares every substance in the product down to the Homogeneous Level, including location, mass, and/or PPM.

Once you receive the relevant campaign email, you can respond to the open request by selecting it from the Supplier Portal landing page.

  1. Before you begin, prepare the information you will need to complete your declaration and then click Get Started:


    From this window, you can download your 
    Product List or create a new IPC-1752A Class D XML file

  2. On the main page, review the regulation details and the available Resources:


  3. Use the checkboxes to select your product and click Declare:


    You must declare for each of your products individually. 

  4. On the next page, review the Product Details section:


    If you do not have an IPC-1752A XML file for your product, click Create one now to open the Assent Materials Declaration Tool

  5. Using the File Explorer, browse your organization's resources, attach the desired XML file, and click Open

  6. In the Review section, the system will notify you if you are ready to submit your declaration.

    For example, if the file is invalid, or it the attached file does not match the selected product, the system will warn you:


  7. Click Submit to finish and return to the main page.

  8. If necessary, repeat the declaration process for any remaining products and click Done to submit your declaration(s). 
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