Regulations Affecting Motorcycles

Question: How do motorcycles compare to cars with regard to regulatory controls? Are they within scope of the same regulations, or are there specific exemptions or requirements that apply?

Answer: Because cars are in-scope of the End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) Directive, they are exempt from the RoHS Directive. These regulations are often thought of as being in opposition to one another, with parts scoped under the RoHS Directive being out-of-scope of the ELV Directive, and vice-versa.

By comparison, motorcycles are exempt from both the RoHS Directive and ELV Directive, but they do fall in scope of the REACH Regulation because they are still articles placed on the market. Further, batteries used in motorcycles are in-scope of the EU Battery Directive.

Article content current as of 2019-10-11.

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