Proposition 65 and Non-Consumer Products

Question: Does the California Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act (Proposition 65) apply to non-consumer products, such as fuses in enclosures that don’t come into contact with skin?

Answer: Proposition 65 is intended to protect both workers and consumers from listed substances that are known to cause cancer, birth defects or otherwise impact reproductive health. Manufacturers must provide a clear and reasonable warning about potential exposure to listed substances in their products from intended or foreseeable use.

For the example of fuses within enclosures, it’s likely a service or repair technician will handle the enclosures while replacing a fuse. This would constitute foreseeable use of the product, so a Proposition 65 warning should be considered.

It’s important to consider all possible uses of a product within the scope of Proposition 65 and ensure appropriate warnings are provided.

This content is current as of July 19, 2019.

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