Cobalt and Responsible Sourcing

Question: Are compounds containing cobalt considered out-of-scope of responsible sourcing best practices, and should products with trace amounts of cobalt be included in our outreach to suppliers?

Answer: The scope of regulations governing a compound is dependent on whether cobalt was intentionally added, including where it is left as residue after processing.

When communicating with customers, the best practice is specifying that “no cobalt has been intentionally added for use within the products or the production process, but trace amounts may be contained within certain metal materials.”

Where cobalt is present, companies can use the Cobalt Reporting Template to report on it. This is a free, industry-standard template developed by the Responsible Mineral Initiative (RMI) to collect cobalt data from the supply chain, and facilitate smelter and refiner identification.

This content is accurate as of June 21, 2019.

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