EU RoHS - Expiration Date for Exemptions of Aerospace/Avionics Products

Question Posed:

When are the exemptions for aerospace / avionics products expected to expire?

Answer Provided:

Most aerospace and aviation products are considered out of scope based on permanent exclusions under "[m]eans of transport for persons or goods, excluding electric two-wheel vehicles which are not type-approved."  Parts that are solely designed for these out of scope products are also considered out of scope under "Equipment which is specifically designed, and is to be installed, as part of another type of equipment that is excluded or does not fall within the scope of this Directive, which can fulfill its function only if it is part of that equipment, and which can be replaced only by the same specifically designed equipment."  There is no expiration date for these exclusions because the Directive claims them to be permanent exclusions. Products that are in scope must meet the compliance requirements or be compliant by exemption (temporary option that allows products to contain the specified restricted substance for a defined use).


***Article contents valid as of 2017-10-11

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