How long do IPC 1752A standard data submissions stay valid?

Question: How long do IPC-1752A standard data submissions regarding parts stay valid, assuming there is no change to the part?

Answer: The IPC-1752A standard does not specify parameters for supply chain outreach or document retention. The guidelines for document management are laid out in the IEC 63000 standard(4.3.5) and state that the manufacturer shall:

  • Perform a periodic review of the documents contained in the technical documentation to ensure that they are still valid.
  • Ensure that the technical documentation reflects any changes to materials, parts or subassemblies in accordance with 4.3.3.

In effect, this means there is no specific time window for data validity to expire, but changes to materiality and design must be accounted for once they are made.


This content is accurate as of May 10, 2019.

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