Taking a Free Assent University Course in the Supplier Portal

Assent’s standard modules have new training resources available to you. When you enter the Supplier Portal, you can access a course related to the module, where available. 

Completing an Assent University Course

Click the associated course to be automatically authenticated into Assent University, allowing you free access to the training.

  1. In the campaign email you received, click to open the Supplier Portal.

  2. On the Supplier Portal landing page, click the Details link to expand the desired regulation.

  3. In the expanded section, click the course link:

    The system will open Assent University in a new tab.

  4. Take the course.

  5. Return to the Supplier Portal to complete your declaration.

  6. Review that you completed the course by hovering over the checkmark.

    Courses will be available for all of Assent’s standard modules. Access them on the Supplier Portal landing page, in the "Resources" section of the module, or by clicking the link in the top banner of the survey module.

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