Proposition 65 Substance List Question: Carbon Black

Question Posed:

  1. Does the Prop 65 chemical list pertain to stand alone chemicals, or does it include compounds that contain a listed chemical?
  2. If carbon black is used as an additive to give a plastic molded part a black appearance, does the carbon black have to be identified?

Answer Provided:

For the specific substances in Prop 65, you should know all about the substances that are contained within your product (including the carbon black) or compounds that make up your product to determine if the substance is an issue.  

The safe harbor levels and possibility for exposure to the substance come into effect when determining if a "clear and reasonable warning" is required.  If the carbon black is contained in a plastic molded part and the possibility for exposure during normal or expected use is non-existent even if it is over the safe harbor level, a label is probably not required.   

Note: Carbon black is specifically identified as a cancer issue for airborne, unbound particles of respirable size, unlikely to cause an exposure to the consumer when contained in a molded plastic. 

If you are creating the molded plastic part with the carbon black particles, and the workers are exposed to the carbon black, OSHA rules apply and the workers should be properly protected against exposure, but if you are the one creating the carbon black, you must notify and label.




**Article contents valid as of 2017-08-23

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