Clarifying Nomenclature Related to FMD's and Declarations

Question Posed:

  1. Can you please clarify if FMD stands for Full Material Declarations or Full Material Disclosures? Are the terms interchangeable?
  2. Can we have a clarification on the Declaration of Conformity and a Declaration of Compliance?

Answer Provided:

“Full Material Declarations” or “Full Material Disclosures” are often used interchangeably. A “Full Material Disclosure” would be the act of disclosing all of the substances/materials in your product, and a “Full Material Declaration” is the actual documented declaration of substances/materials in your product. The IPC-1754 (new standard) is specifically calling it a “declaration” rather than a “disclosure” because that is the intention of the standard (a declaration of your substances).

A Declaration of Conformity is a specific document template from the EU that documents all of the regulations a product complies with for their technical documentation.  A Declaration of Compliance is a statement that the product is on compliance with a specific regulation and even a template. We are asking the suppliers for a statement regarding a specific regulation usually on their letterhead which would be a Declaration of Compliance.  The statement made at the beginning of the guidance means that it isn't intended to replace or define what should be in a Declaration of Conformity which has a specific set of rules, it is simply a guidance on how to interpret the regulation so you are in compliance.

EU declaration of conformity

  1. The EU declaration of conformity shall state that it has been demonstrated that the requirements specified in Article 4 have been met.
  2. The EU declaration of conformity shall have the model structure and shall contain the elements specified in Annex VI and shall be updated.


**Article contents valid as of 2017-08-23

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