Scoping for EU RoHS - Inputs into EEE vs. Non-EEE

Question Posed:

Is a product in scope for "RoHS 10" (EU RoHS 2 as amended to include 10 substances) if it is incorporated into multiple finished goods, some of which are Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) and some of which are not?

Answer Provided:

If the part itself is EEE, it will probably be in scope of the amendment EU 2015/863 to RoHS 2 (2011/65/EU).  When it is part of another EEE, it would also likely be in scope and required to meet the restrictions unless the other EEE is considered excluded or an exemption applies. When a part is used in multiple products, the part needs to meet the requirements of each of those products. Exclusion for one does not equal exclusion for all.


**Article contents valid as of 2017-09-20

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