DEHP Requirements under EU RoHS

Question Posed:

We have some caps that are used on products that contain DEHP. We formerly reported these as RoHS compliant. Do we have to report the entire product as non-RoHS compliant now that the four Phthalates have been added to EU RoHS?

Answer Provided:

The four new Phthalates are not in scope until July 22, 2019 for categories 1 to 7, 10 and 11 (later for categories 8 and 9), so the products are compliant until then. However, it is good to start collecting the information and try to find a replacement or generate an exemption request (must be done 18 months in advance of when the product comes into scope) if a viable alternative is not possible in time for the restrictions.


**Article contents valid as of 2017-09-11

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