Russian RoHS

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What are the requirements for Russian RoHS?

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The technical regulation of the Eurasian Economic Union 037/2016 On restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) contains mandatory safety requirements for the protection of life, health, and the environment.

The following products are in scope for Russian RoHS:

  1. Household electrical equipment.
  2. Electronic computers and devices connected to them, including their combinations
  3. Telecommunication terminal.
  4. Copy machines and office electrical equipment.
  5. Electric power tool.
  6. Lighting equipment, including that embedded in furniture.
  7. Electric music instrument.
  8. Gaming machine and vending machine.
  9. ATM, ticket printing machine, ID card readers, etc.
  10. Cables, wires and cords for use at rated voltages less than 500 VAC and (or) DC, except fiber optic cables.
  11. Automatic switches and protective devices.
  12. Fire, security and fire-alarm detectors.

To meet the requirements:

  • A declaration of compliance will be required, and EEE must be marked as compliant.
  • Producers would have a choice of compliance schemes, including self-certification, although it is likely that some testing of products will be required.
  • This new regulation process is very similar to that of existing CU EMC and Safety Approval schemes:
  • Declaration scheme only will apply depending on equipment type.  However, Certificates can still be issued if the equipment falls under the Certification scheme for other CU Technical Regulations.
  • A single Approval will be issued covering all applicable CU Regulations for a given device.
  • All products will still be required to be labeled with the correct CU conformity mark.



**Article contents valid as of 2018-09-07

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