Posting Disclosure Statements for Slavery and Human Trafficking

Question Posed:

Can I post my company’s modern slavery statement in the same place on our website or will I need multiple locations to support California, the United Kingdom and Australia’s modern slavery statement requirements?

Answer Provided:

Australia’s new Modern Slavery Act takes a different approach to modern slavery reporting than the UK and California. Rather than requiring companies to post statements on their websites, the Australian Modern Slavery Act establishes a Modern Slavery Statements Register that’s available to the public on the internet. Companies must submit their statements to the Minister in an approved form within six months after the end of their reporting period. If the Minister finds the statement was prepared in accordance with the act, the Minister must then register the statement on the Modern Slavery Statements Register. If the statement does not comply with the requirements of the act, it is at the discretion of the Minister whether the statement gets registered.    


**Article contents valid as of 2019-03-18



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