IPC 1752A - Amendment 3

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What is IPC 1752A Amendment 3?

Answer Provided:

IPC 1752A Amendment 3 introduces unique codes for various substance categories, query list statements, etc., to allow data exchange without having to exactly meet the words or names noted in the standard’s appendices.  Substance names can vary, with some having over twenty different variations, along with name variations, depending on which substance list is under consideration (for example, they are often listed under different names, depending on whether you reference the Proposition 65 list or the REACH SVHC substance list).  CAS or EC numbers can help, however, a Class C declaration includes substance groups, making it difficult to match if there is a misspelling, extra space, etc. By using the codes, databases that have variations in the name or query statement will be able to accurately associate the substances, substance groups and query statements.

Other changes include adjustments to the query statements in Class A, allowing suppliers to specifically indicate that a part is unknown or is obsolete.  The combination of these statements in the previous amendments caused confusion because recipient companies were not able to determine if the part was actually unknown or if it was obsolete unless they followed up with the supplier to confirm.




**Answer is valid as of 2019-02-27

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