Identifying as a Distributor or a Manufacturer — Conflict Minerals

You can now self-identify as a distributor or manufacturer in the Supplier Portal. If you are a supplier making a Conflict Minerals declaration, you can select your customer's part number or groups of part numbers and apply manufacturer Conflict Minerals Reporting Templates (CMRTs) more accurately. 

  1. Once you receive the relevant campaign email, click the link to open the Supplier Portal.

  2. On the Supplier Portal landing page, review your open requests:

  3. On the left-hand sidebar, select Distributor or Manufacturer from the drop-down menu:

  4. Click Submit to confirm:

    You will see confirmation of your selection:

  5. Under the Open requests from... heading, click Start for the Conflict Minerals module:

  6. When you upload a Company Level CMRT, the system will ask if the CMRT applies to some or all of the products you sell to your customer:

  7. If you select No, it applies to SOME, you will be required to select the applicable parts. 

    If you select Yes, it applies to ALL, you will not be required to select parts. 

    Note: When you upload a Product Level CMRT, by default the system requires you to select the applicable parts. 

  8. Use the checkboxes to select the parts applicable to your CMRT and then click Continue

  9. Upon successful upload of your CMRT, the system will take you directly to the Thank You! page.

    The system will send a confirmation email with details of the quality of the CMRT contents to the original supplier contact.
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