The Cobalt Module facilitates the transfer of information through the supply chain regarding mineral country of origin and smelters and refiners utilized. It supports the exercise of due diligence in accordance with the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas.

Please Note: Required fields are marked with a red (*) asterisk. You must answer all required questions and fill out all required fields to complete your declaration. 

Making a Cobalt Declaration in the Supplier Portal

Once you receive a campaign email, you can make a declaration:

  1. On the main page, review the module summary and instructions:

    Click the Preview Survey button to view a preview of the content of the full survey. 

  2. From the part table below, use the checkboxes to select individual Parts and click Declare # Selected Parts or click the Declare for All # Parts button to declare for all visible parts: 

  3. On the Instructions & Definitions page, you can read any of the provided definitions: 

    To read about the Responsible Minerals Initiative, click the link. To read about offline survey capability, click [here]. 

  4. Once you have reviewed the provided definitions, click Next

  5. On the Company Information page, enter the following required information:

  6. When you have filled out all the fields, click Next

  7. On the Declaration page, answer the first question:

    Depending on the answer selected, you will be presented with questions requesting additional information and supporting documentation: 

    You also have space to provide comments on your answers. 

  8. If you answered Yes to Question 1, you must also fill out the Smelters section:

    For any smelters associated to your parts, provide all required information. 

  9. When you have finished entering all the required information, click Next

  10. On the Company Level Questions page, answer the following questions on behalf of your organization:

  11. At the bottom of the page, click Upload to attach any documents in support of your declaration, including a completed Cobalt Reporting Template (CRT):

    You can download the CRT [here]. 

  12. Using the File Explorer window, browse your organization’s resources, attach the required files and click Open to return to the main page.

  13. When you have finished answering the required questions and attaching your supporting documentation, click Continue

  14. If necessary, repeat the declaration process for any remaining parts and click Done to submit your declaration(s).
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