Downloading a Part or Company Level Survey

You can download most company and part-level surveys and complete them offline in Excel. These files can be shared with colleagues, enabling more targeted survey completion. You can then easily upload and submit your responses to the Supplier Portal and keep a copy for your records.

Downloading a Survey for Offline Completion 

  1. Click the Launch Portal URL link in the email. You will be brought to the Supplier Portal.

  2. Under the Open requests from... section, select the desired survey and click Start

  3. If the survey is at the part level, select your parts and click Declare

  4. On the top right-hand side of the next page, click the Download Survey button:

    The survey will download in XLSX format. Acknowledge the window that opens by clicking OK and then click to open the survey in Excel

  5. Fill out the downloaded survey. Ensure you complete all mandatory fields. 

  6. Click the Upload Survey button and attach your completed survey. 

  7. The Supplier Portal will populate the provided answers in the online survey. 

  8. Click Submit to complete your declaration. 
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