The Proposition 65 List and Cosmetic Products

Question Posed:

Where can I find the Proposition 65 list? If there are any other regulatory requirements that I should be aware of when it comes to ensuring the compliance of cosmetic products in the U.S., could you please flag them for me?

Answer Provided:

Proposition 65 is intended for all products being sold in California specifically.   The list of substances are here:  

There are other possible US regulations that may impact the cosmetic industry like Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) which has different requirements for the cosmetic industry and products.   Note: California Proposition 65 requirements is often in addition to FDA requirements, so compliance with FDA does not necessarily mean compliance with California Proposition 65. There may be other regulations that may impact the cosmetic industry as well, but this is a very broad question and would require more extensive research to provide an exhaustive answer.


**Article contents valid as of 2017-08-22

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