EU Conflict Minerals and EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive

Question Posed:

Does the EU Conflict Minerals rule fall under the purview of the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive? Or is the EU CM rule a stand-alone regulation?

Would companies in the EU need to disclose all non-financial information such as CM, anti-corruption and bribery, AHT, etc. in a single report?

Answer Provided:

The EU CM Regulation is separate from the EU Non-Financial Reporting (NFR) Directive.  The EU CM Regulation creates mandatory reporting obligations, auditing, due diligence, and other requirements for those in scope.  The EU NFR Directive creates a requirement for companies in scope to report on the broader CSR topics and due diligence for those topics (Environment, Human Rights, ACAB, and other topics).  The reporting can leverage a variety of standards like GRI, SASB, etc.

**Article valid as of 2017-07-10

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