EU ROHS Printed Circuit Board Content Determination

Question Posed:

I am trying to determine if raw-fabricated components (i.e. a Printed Circuit Board without components) can be considered an inseparable assembly (i.e. one that cannot be disassembled by mechanical means) with respect to RoHS or if the solder re-flow layer and the plastic layer have to both be considered individually when determining restricted substance content.

How do I determine the restricted material content in a part that cannot be disassembled by mechanical means?

Answer Provided:

The following answer is drawn directly from the reference included at the bottom of the article.

"The concept of estimating the PCB material content is relatively simple:

  1. Obtain the layout information for a particular PCB design.
  2. Use computational geometry to calculate the actual volumes of various parts of the PCB (copper, solder mask, dielectric).
  3. Gather material data for the various substances present in the PCB.
  4. Translate volume fractions into weight fractions combining the results from the second and third step."

Layers of PCB that are homogeneous:

  • Precious metal surface finish
  • Copper
  • Polymers (laminate, prepreg, soldermask, legend ink, etc.)"


**Article contents valid as of 2017-06-24

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