Responding to Information Requests on the Supplier Portal Landing Page

You can quickly view and access all information requests in a single intuitive interface, providing you with easy visibility into your declaration progress and previous submissions.

Through the Supplier Portal Landing Page, you will now:

  • Receive all your open requests in the “inbox” concept.
  • View the completion progress of all open requests.
  • Review all previously completed requests on the same page.
  • Respond to a revised optional user feedback survey.
  • Enjoy a fresh new user interface and a consistent and unified user experience.

About Assent

Assent provides companies like yours the tools for efficient supply chain data management. Click the Learn how we can help you link to visit our website. 

Responding to an Open Request 

Once you receive the relevant campaign email, you can respond to a request.

  1. Click the Launch Portal URL link in the email to open the Supplier Portal:

  2. From the Open requests from... section, select the desired request from the list.

    You can use the drop-down menu to sort the list of requests by the desired criteria:

  3. Click Start to respond to the selected request:


    For guides on completing individual module requests, go to the appropriate regulation section and click the "Making a Declaration" article for the desired module. 

Filtering Open & Completed Requests 

In the Supplier Portal, users can filter their open requests. 

  1. Click the Filters button to expand the section:

  2. Select the Request Name from the drop-down list:

  3. From the Date requested field, select what type of match you would like:

  4. Next, select a date using the calendar.

    For example, if you select "Before" as the Date requested and then select "September 14, 2018" from the calendar, your filtered results will return all open requests received before September 14, 2018. 

  5. Finally, click Apply to apply the chosen filter:

Reviewing Completed Requests

Completed requests move down to the Completed requests from... section. 

  1. Click to expand the Completed requests from... section.

  2. Sort or filter the list, if desired. 

  3. To declare again, click the Resubmit link. 
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