Human rights - Canadian Regulations Related to Slavery, Human Trafficking, or Conflict Minerals?


Are there any existing regulations related to slavery, human trafficking or conflict minerals?


To date, Canada does not have procurement regulations or requirements for suppliers with regards to slavery and trafficking or conflict minerals. In terms of ABAC, Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) administers the Government-wide Integrity Regime, introduced in July 2015, to ensure Canada conducts business with ethical suppliers. Suppliers can be suspended or declared ineligible from being awarded contracts if they have been convicted or charged with an applicable listed offence such as fraud, corruption, bribery within the past 3 years, in Canada or abroad. All Government departments and agencies go through PSPC to obtain a supplier integrity verification service. Our ABAC solution supports companies in ensuring compliance with ABAC regulations and requirements.

It is worth noting however that Canada is currently considering establishing ethical procurement initiatives. In 2017 PSPC developed principles related to the ethical manufacturing practices of apparel, with the aim of requiring suppliers to certify compliance with these principles, and is currently requesting feedback from apparel companies on this approach. Canada's focus on ethical procurement is likely to expand into other sectors. As such, companies supplying goods or services to the Government of Canada, or who intend to do so, would do well to prepare themselves by establishing and implementing human rights-related compliance and due diligence programs.


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