EU REACH - Generic Exposure Scenario


What is Generic Exposure Scenarios (GES) and how do they affect companies?


Generic Exposure Scenarios (GESs) describe Exposure Scenarios (ESs) for (groups of) substances for an area of operation/type of application within industry and are developed by manufacturers or importers (M/Is) in partnership with Downstream User Associations (a surrogate for individual downstream users).

  • Substances clustered by hazard and volatility and grouped by type of application (i.e. have a similar risk profile)
  • Each GES consolidates related tasks/activities involving potential for exposure (Contributing Scenarios) which are mapped to relevant use descriptor codes (Worker – PROC codes; Consumer – PC codes)

GESs are included in an Annex to the REACH extended safety data sheet and downstream users have certain obligations relating to adopting the control conditions described in the Exposure Scenarios (ES). The European solvents industry has developed generic approaches for describing how solvents are commonly used, in order that these can subsequently be used as the basis for REACH registrations and related safety data sheet communications on health risk control.they are now publicly available for use both by M/Is and downstream users.


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