EU RoHS 2 - Stainless Steel Under RoHS 2

Question Posed:

My parts are made of Type 316 Stainless Steel and I am wondering if they can be considered compliant to the EU RoHS 2 Directive and whether there are any applicable exemptions.

Answer Provided:

Per the Stainless Steel Industry of North America (SSINA), "stainless and specialty steels are in conformance with the requirements of the European Union's legislation on waste electrical and electronic equipment ('WEEE'; Directive 2002/96/EC), and its companion directive on the restriction of hazardous substances used in EEE ('RoHS - Directive 2002/95/EC and 'RoHS 2' - Directive 2011/65/EC), as well as EU directive 2000/53/EC on End-of-Life Vehicles and the Japanese Green Procurement Initiative."

Details including explanations of restricted substance breakdown are in this letter:

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