EU RoHS - Determining if a Product is EEE


How can I determine if my product(s) is/are electric or electronic equipment (EEE), and therefore subject to the requirements laid out in the EU RoHS directive?


Here is some information about how to determine if a product is in scope of EU RoHS.

The definition of EEE: All equipment that has at least one intended function which is dependent on electric current or electromagnetic fields, or that generates or transfers or measures such currents and fields is EEE. Even if the electric function is only a minor element of the equipment, the definition still applies. Examples:

  • a gas cooker with an electrical clock;
  • a singing teddy bear;
  • sport shoes with lights;
  • petrol powered equipment with an electric spark for ignition, like lawnmowers.

In all these cases the electric function is an intended and integral part of the product’s functionality, and the full functionality of the equipment is at least impaired (i.e. it does not work properly) if that electrical function fails.

If your products do not use any form of electricity or electric function they could be considered excluded.


See also: EU RoHS - Formal Definition of Electric and Electronic Equipment and EU RoHS - Excluded EEE Categories Not in Scope.

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