REACH Annex XVII (Asbestos under REACH)


Is Asbestos restricted under REACH and which articles may contain Asbestos?


Asbestos fibers is included in EU REACH Annex XVII (REACH Restricted) and is totally restricted from being placed on the market.  It will not appear on the SVHC Candidate or Authorised lists because of the listing on Annex XVII restriction list. If they are using diaphragms containing chrysotile for electrolysis installations, they have an exemption for chrysotile asbestos in those diaphragms or their maintenance until July 1, 2025, but all other asbestos fibers are restricted.

Asbestos can be found in the following: fireproofing substances; roofing materials; siding; bricks; emergency generators; insulation, including sprayed insulation; vinyl flooring; drywall materials; cement panels; piping; talc-based products such as baby powder; wire insulation; fertilizers containing vermiculite; and certain textiles. Small appliances, including toasters, coffee pots, and hair dryers also contained asbestos for many years.


Reference: Where is Asbestos Found? -Asbestos.net

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