REACH Annex XVII (Nickel in Jewelry)


My product (jewelry) contains nickel, which is a restricted substance under REACH Annex XVII, but I know that it doesn’t come in contact with the skin due to a metal plating. What do I need to do to comply?


There are specific exceptions for jewelry containing Nickel "that have a non-nickel coating where such coating is sufficient to ensure that the rate of nickel release from those parts of such articles coming into direct and prolonged contact with the skin will not exceed 0,5 μg/cm²/week for a period of at least two years of normal use of the article." If you have some sort of a metallic coating that does not contain nickel or other restricted substances, the exception likely applies and you are not restricted from selling your jewelry.

As for registration, as long as your annual metric tonnage is less than one, you are not required to register. If your tonnage is over one ton, you would need to register. In either case, you need to communicate to your clients that there is nickel or nickel compounds contained in the product in case they have more than 1 metric ton that they may be shipping in total of all products they are selling in the EU.






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