China Compulsory Certificate

Question Posed:

What is the purpose of a China Compulsory Certificate and what are the requirements/process to get one?

Answer Provided:

There are 19 groups (broken into 132 product categories) that are required to have CCC mark (final result of the process for each product).

  1. EWC- Electrical Wires and Cables (5 categories)
  2. SCIPCD- Switches for Circuits, Installation Protective and Connection Devices (6 categories)
  3. LVEA- Low-voltage Electrical Apparatus (9 categories)
  4. SPM- Small Power Motors (1 category)
  5. ET- Electric Tools (16 categories)
  6. WM- Welding Machines (15 categories)
  7. HSUA- Household and Similar Use Appliances (18 categories)
  8. AVA- Audio and Video Apparatus (excluding the acoustics apparatus for broadcasting service and automobiles) (16 categories)
  9. ITE- Information Technology Equipment (12 categories)
  10. LA- Lighting Apparatus (excluding the lighting apparatus with voltage lower than 36V) (2 categories)
  11. TTE- Telecommunication Terminal Equipment (9 categories)
  12. MVSP- Motor Vehicles and Safety Parts (4 categories)
  13. MVT- Motor Vehicle Tyres (3 categories)
  14. SG- Safety Glasses (3 categories)
  15. AM- Agricultural Machinery (1 category)
  16. LP- Latex Products (1 category)
  17. MD- Medical Devices (7 categories)
  18. FFP- Fire Fighting Products (3 categories)
  19. DIAS- Detectors for Intruder Alarm Systems (1 category)

Process for CCC:

  • Step 1: Determine if product requires CCC mark
  • Step 2: Self assessment against Chinese National Standards (saves time to pre-determine if products meet the requirements)
  • Step 3: Apply For CCC Certification
    • Step 3.1: Determine WHICH Authorized Certification Body is required 
    • Step 3.2: Submit to the Authorized Certification Body (done by manufacturer or consultant/agent)
    • Step 3.3: Type Testing by an Accredited Testing Lab (product is submitted by the manufacturer or consultant/agent)
    • Step 3.4: On-site Factory Inspection and Audit
    • Step 3.5: Evaluation of Results and Approval
  • Step 4: Purchase or Print the CCC Mark Labels
  • Step 5: Supervision After Certification (manufacturing sites will be re-inspected/audited by inspectors designated by the ACB every 12-18 months)


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