Creating a CMRT 5.11


For more information on any of the questions asked on the CMRT, please view our article about completing a CMRT which breaks down the questions on the CMRT 5.11.

  1. Using our CMRTGenerator, Click the Continue to Form button:

  2. On the Company information tab, fill in all of the company info, including declaration scope.

  3. Once you've confirmed all the correct information, click Next.

  4. Under the Declaration section, ensure that all the necessary answers from Q1-7 are present along with A-I:

    *Please Note: when answering "Yes" to Q2, 3 more tabs will appear alongside the Declaration tab. 

  5. After filling out all the CMRT information and clicking Next, you will be brought to the CMRT 5.11 page to download your complete and updated CMRT version 5.11:

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