"I didn't receive that email!"

While Assent takes every precaution to ensure successful delivery of messages to suppliers, there are occasional times when messages simply do not get through. 

If you are experiencing issues receiving requests from your customers, please check the following list to ensure successful delivery of future messages:

  1. Did the message land in your spam folder?

    If messages are being delivered to your spam folder, please add the client's “from” address to your contact list and/or safe senders list. You may also want to add the following domains: assentcompliance.com, portalmail.assentcompliance.com to your safe senders list.

  2. Did the message land in a quarantine?

    Your mail administrator may maintain a quarantine. In this case, they will be able to release the message and take steps to ensure future emails are delivered.

  3. The email was blocked.

    If messages from Assent Compliance to your domain are being blocked, your administrator may need to whitelist our service to ensure delivery of future messages. Please ask your mail administrator to whitelist the following:

    IP addresses:

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