Registration Under the REACH Regulation

What is Registration under the REACH Regulation?

The REACH Regulation requires companies that manufacture or import chemical substances in quantities greater than one ton per year to collect information about the properties in these substances and assess the risks they pose. This information is communicated to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) using a registration dossier (a data submission prepared by a lead registrant or REACH consortium for a substance to be registered with the ECHA).

Who is required to register substances for REACH compliance?

Registration is required for individual substances, substances in mixtures and certain substances in articles manufactured in, or imported to, the European Union (EU) in quantities greater than one ton per year.

Those required to register substances include:

  • EU manufacturers or importers of substances on their own or in mixtures
  • EU producers or importers of articles meeting the criteria in the Guidance on Requirements for Substances in Articles
  • An EU “only representative” appointed by a manufacturer, formulator or article producer that is outside the EU to fulfill the registration needs of importers

ECHA provides a REACH Registration Q&A to answer many common questions.

For additional information about the REACH Regulation, see Assent's REACH knowledge resources.

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