High Risk Smelters

What makes a smelter high-risk?

Smelters in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) or adjoining countries that are known to source from mines using conflict minerals or refuse to meet conformance standards with international due diligence efforts tend to be classified as high-risk. Many Responsible Business Alliance (RBA, formerly the EICC) members rely exclusively on due diligence into smelters administered by the RBA Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI, formerly the CFSI).

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What do I do when a high-risk smelter is reported in my supply chain?

Most companies will conduct a review of their supply chains against the criteria identified as high-risk. This review needs to be conducted periodically throughout the course of due diligence activities, and must be responsive to changes to information concerning smelters and customer inquiries. Many companies will demand the removal of smelters from the supply chain if they are deemed to be high-risk. The choice to remove or retain the smelter is left to the company, and should be in line with company policies and positions concerning the use of conflict minerals from unethical sources.

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