NAFTA Country of Origin

Your customer must meet Buy America and Made in USA requirements. To meet these requirements, you must provide declarations for the products you sell and perform an assessment on products that are made from a combination of domestic and imported raw materials and are transformed into “manufactured goods” sold in the USA.

Find out more about the Buy America regulation [here] and the Made in USA standard [here].  You may also be claiming NAFTA preference for certain products.

Making a NAFTA Country of Origin Declaration in the Supplier Portal

To complete the declaration, you must first have received the campaign email.

  1. Review the NAFTA Country of Origin regulation details and module instructions: 

  2. Use the checkboxes to select individual Parts and click Declare # Selected Parts:

  3. Or click Declare for # Parts to declare for all visible Parts:

  4. In the Country of Origin - NAFTA section, answer the required questions and click Next

    Depending on your answers to the questions presented, you may need to answer additional questions or upload supporting documentation. For example: 

  5. On the Declaration page, enter the name of the Authorized Representative declaring on behalf of their company:

  6. Enter the Authorized Representative Title, Company Name, and Phone Number:

  7. Use the calendar to select the Date of Declaration:

  8. Click Continue to complete the declaration for the selected part(s).

  9. If you have remaining parts to declare, repeat steps 5 -12 and then click Continue on the main page to proceed to the optional feedback survey.


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